State-of-the-Art Shooting Range

Fox Valley Shooting Range is a premier facility offering twelve 75 foot lanes and two private 45 foot lanes. All lanes are staffed with NRA Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs). Plus, the range offers full digital touch screen controlled 360’ turning targets and a leading-edge ventilation system to ensure the healthiest environment for all our guests. Pistol, shotgun and rifle up to 7.62 X 51/.308 caliber can be fired on all lanes. Each lane is separated by a bullet / ricochet proof wall.

The rental fee for a standard lane is $22 per hour, and a second shooter is  $10 per hour (maximum of one additional person). Children 16 years of age and younger shoot for free (maximum of only one child per adult).

Private Suites

For that exclusive experience, Fox Valley Shooting Range offers private suites. In your suite, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable space where you can relax. They are ideal for new shooters, customers who need to further build their confidence in privacy, couples on dates, families, and groups of friends (maximum of four people).

A private suite is $27.00 per hour and $12.00 for each additional person (maximum of three additional people).  Children 16 years of age and younger shoot for free (maximum of only one child per adult).  Only one person can shoot at a time.

Suites are divided from the other range area and partitioned from each other by bullet / ricochet proof walls. For safety purposes, each partition is floor to ceiling. Each suite is five feet wide by eight feet deep.

Suites include rolling bench if you choose a bench format or by rolling the bench away you can have an open format, perfect for holster practice*. A Range Safety Officer can provide further details onsite.

Calibers up to and including 7.62 X 51/.308 are permitted. Rapid fire is allowed, up to the shooter’s capability (as determined by the RSO) and holster draw is permitted*. (Please notify the RSO first if you plan on drawing from holster.)

*Holster draw is only allowed for those who have successfully passed the Fox Valley Shooting Range’s Holster Draw class. Check in advance for designated dates and times that holster draw is permitted.

Rental Guns


Ruger 10/22 22LR

Ruger GP100 357 MAG

Ruger SR9C 9mm

Ruger Mark 4 22LR

Ruger Precision 22 22LR

Ruger 556 5.56×45/223Rem

Ruger SR 1911 45 Auto

Sig Sauer

P320C 9mm

P320C 45 Auto

P365 9mm

P238 .380 Auto


CCP 9mm

Springfield Armory

XDS Mod2 Night Sights 45 Auto

XDS Mod2 Fiberoptic Front Sight 9mm

XDS Mod2 With Viridian Laser 9mm

XDS Mod 2 Night Sights 9mm

XD45 45 Auto

XD9 9mm

XDM 9mm

Smith & Wesson

M&P Body Guard 4 S&W

642 38 Special

Governor .410/45 Long Colt/ 45 Auto

Model 500 Magnum Hunter 500 S&W Magnum

M&P 9 9mm

M&P 40 Compact 40 S&W

M&P Shield 2.0 40 S&W

M&P 40 Shield 40 S&W

M&P Body Guard .380 Auto

M&P Shield M2.0 9mm

M&P Shield M2.0 45 Auto

M&P 40 M2.0 40S&W

M&P 9 M2.0 9mm

M&P Shield EZ M2.0 380 Auto

M&P Sport II 5.56×45/223


Taurus Spectrum .380 Auto

Taurus G2C 9mm


CZ P-10 C 9mm

CZ Scorpion Evo 9mm

Century Arms

C39V2 7.62×39 mm


M9 22 22LR

PX4 Storm

Devil Dog Arms

Devil Dog 1911 45 ACP

Devil Dog 1911 9mm

Grand Power

Stribog SP4 A1 9mm


Oracle 5.56×45/223


VP9 9mm

VP9SK 9mm

Charter Arms

Pathfinder 22LR


Buck Mark 22LR


FN 509 9mm


G42 380 Auto

G34 Gen4 M.O.S. 9mm

G26 Gen 4 9mm

G43 9mm

G17 Gen5 9mm

G19 Gen5 9mm

G35 Gen4 40S&W

G17 Gen4 9mm

G19 Gen4 9mm

G34 Gen5 9mm

G19x 9mm

G21 Gen4 45 Auto

Range Hours

Monday to Friday – 10AM to 8PM | Saturday – 8AM to 8PM | Sunday – 8AM to 5PM

Members may reserve range time up to 7 days in advance. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Every shooter is required to sign up as a member of Fox Valley Shooting Range. However, none of the benefits listed on the Membership page are applicable.