Bullseye .22 Pistol League

Participants may shoot in as many or as few matches as they are interested; no minimum number of matches is required for participation. If you want to put together a 5-person team, please do so, if you have fewer than 5, we will add others to make a five-man team. There will be no make-up shoots. You must shoot in at least 6 shoots to be in the prize pool.
$40.00 per person Entry. $10.00 per shoot
100% of Entry fee will be paid out in prizes

Join Our League

The League is the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday of the month starting the third Tuesday in May - October. Two relays if needed; the first at 6:00 p.m. Prior registration or notification is not required. Those wishing to participate must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to prepare their equipment. Safety briefings are given immediately prior to the start of the match.


Handgun: A .22 rimfire caliber handgun, either pistol or revolver. Two magazines for the pistol are required; each should hold at least five rounds.
Sights: Any sighting system is allowed (iron, or red-dot) No lasers.
Ammunition: Standard- or high-velocity .22 rimfire. The ammunition chosen should function reliably in the handgun and should be accurate. Match-grade ammunition is not required. 30 rounds minimum required (see below).

Safety & Commands

All firearms must remain unloaded on the bench at all times unless the command to “Load” has been given by the range officer. Cylinders must be open, slides locked back, the magazine removed. The commands for each stage of fire are given orally by the range officer. Sufficient direction is given for all participants to understand the commands. At the end of the allotted time for each stage, the RSO will give the command to unload and make safe. Cylinders must be open, slides locked back, the magazine removed.

Course Fire, Position & Scoring

The standard match of fire consists of 30 rounds, for a maximum of 300 points. The target turning mechanism is used for the timed- and rapid-fire stages. The match is fired in three stages: slow, timed, and rapid, in the following sequence:

  • Slow fire: 10 rounds in 5 minutes, for a max 100 points.
  • Timed fire: 10 rounds in two strings of 5 rounds each, in 20 seconds, for a max of 100 points.
  • Rapid Fire: 10 rounds in two strings of 5 rounds each in 10 seconds, for a max of 100 points.
Distance and targets: All targets are fired at 50 feet. The slow-fire stage is fired on the B-16 target. Timed- and rapid-fire stages are fired on the B-8. All targets for the match are supplied by the range.
Position: Shooting will be from one hand or two, if you shoot one handed in your handicap shoot you must shoot one handed in all matches. No support other then you, No leaning on the walls or benches.
Scoring: Scoring of targets is per NRA rules. Bullet holes breaking a higher scoring line, score the higher point amount. Scoring totals are Slow-fire, 100 points; Timed-fire, 100 points; Rapid-fire, 100 points. Total Match, 300 points. The best 3 scores per team will be added together for the team’s score.

Handicapping: Based on the course of fire consisting of 10 slow, 10 timed and 10 rapid, 30 shots total for a maximum score of 300. Take the average of your best 4 shoots and apply the chart below to determine your handicap.

  • 290+ 0
  • 289   1
  • 287   2
  • 286   3
  • 285   4       
  • 275   14
  • 265   24
  • 255   34

Shoot 1 = 270
Shoot 2 = 260
Shoot 3 = 275
Shoot 4 = 280

1085 / 4 = 271 your handicap is 19. If on your next shoot, you shoot a 270 you H/C score would be 289. Your score plus your handicap can not be greater than 299.

Malfunctions: If you have a malfunction, STOP do not attempt to clear it, notify the RSO they will clear the firearm. Reload so you have the proper amount of ammunition for the string and repeat the string. The target is not changed, the 10 lowest scores count as your score, only one Alabi pre match.
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