Hello everyone! As you probably already know, we are considered an essential business. This being said, due to the executive order we do need to make some changes until Tuesday, April 7th. We will be closed until Tuesday, March 23, at 10am., Our new hours going forward will be 10am-5pm daily until the ‘Shelter in Place’ order is lifted. The range will be closed until further notice, but our retail store is open. Classes will also be canceled until Tuesday, April 7th.

While we are open guidelines are as follows:

-We will only be allowing 10 people max in the store at any given time.

-People must remain 6′ apart at all times. There will be lines on the floor at the registers.

-Please park in our parking lot only.

-If you are coming for a gun pickup please call us first. We can check your background check before you come in and we will be able to get your gun ready.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and wash your hands!


I have been asked many times: Why, at 50 years old did you decide to start a gun range?

It all started in the winter of 2014. My wife, “Kitty”, had recently started shooting with me and I persuaded my Mom to give it a try. So, she got a FOID card and we all went to the range. And, we all had a blast seeing my Mom for the first time in her life pulling the trigger of a gun. It was truly a memory I will not forget. So, as we were walking out, both were grinning from ear to ear, and thanking me for taking them. I said,” You know you can always come by yourselves.” Both said that they would never go to a range by themselves. They said it was too intimidating and they did not feel comfortable going solo. To which I replied, “Ya, many gun ranges are run by men with big egos and attitudes.” We all shook our heads and went home.

So, I got to thinking why not build a range that was welcoming and inviting to all, and how to make this possible. I attended a few range development seminars, and started talking with other shooters about what they liked and disliked regarding gun ranges. What I found out was a bit surprising. Everyone I talked to said basically the same thing. They wanted a clean, well-lighted range that had good ventilation, and was staffed by respectful, knowledgeable and helpful staff. But they often had a hard time finding that so they just went to the one that was closest to their house or the one with the shortest lines.

A few months later I found myself out of a job, so I figured now there is nothing holding me back and that is how Fox Valley Shooting Range came to be!


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